Co-founders Julz Tocker and Michael Nguyen opened JustDance in 2016 to revolutionize the status quo ballroom dance experience in the U.S.


Whereas most studios focused on teaching a small number of extremely dedicated and resourceful people to dance at an elite level, Julz and Michael envisioned a studio that taught a large number of people how to be capable dancers. They wanted to first and foremost use dance as a vehicle to bring generations of people together. At JustDance, our studio was designed to resemble a wedding, a gathering of friends and families from multiple generations coming to celebrate the journey of life — a party where no one just stands at the walls or gets put in the corner.


Our Team


Julz tocker

Co-Owner Just Dance LA


michael nguyen

Co-Owner Just Dance LA

amy bennett.jpg

amy bennett

Studio Manager Just Dance LA


Rachel white 

Just Dance OC